The Working Waterfront Supports National Security


Supporting the Navy and National Defense

The working waterfront plays an important role in the country’s national defense. Shipbuilding and ship repair businesses, and dozens of other related businesses, support the Navy’s San Diego presence. General Dynamics NASSCO is the only full-service shipyard on the West Coast capable of performing major structural repairs or modifications to Navy ships. Of more than 600 U.S. ports, the Port of San Diego has been designated one of 17 “strategic ports” by the U.S. military. This designation means the Port of San Diego is used by the military to aid in the movement of goods to support national defense.


BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair

BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair, founded in San Diego, Calif., in 1976, provides commercial and government customers an accomplished, experienced and highly knowledgeable work force and a strong management team. The company has performed work on virtually all types of government vessels, including cruisers, Navy destroyers as well as all types of commercial vessels, including cruise ships, tankers, barges, research vessels, reefer and container ships and kelp cutters.


General Dynamics NASSCO

General Dynamics NASSCO, located between the Port of San Diego marine terminals, employs more than 3,300 people and is the only major ship building yard on the West Coast capable of performing major structural repairs or modifications to U.S. Navy ships.


Continental Maritime of San Diego

Continental Maritime, in conjunction with the Coast Guard, has embarked on an effort to help protect our nation’s ports and, therefore, our national security, through training and drills for waterfront workers. Continental Marine is also a certified Master Ship Repair Contractor with the U.S. Navy and is one of the principal Selected Restricted Availability providers to the U.S. Navy.